Important 2018 Recital Information

We have 3 recital Performances:

Saturday, May 19 at 10:00AM

Saturday, May 19 at 3:00pm

Sunday, May 20 at 1:00pm

Click here to find out which show your dancer is performing in: Which Show Is My Dancer Dancing In?

Recital Tickets: Tickets will be sold on Friday, April 27 from 4pm - 7pm. Our recital ticket system is done by lottery - you may select your ticket purchase time at the desk during the week of Saturday, April 21 through Thursday, April 26. If you are unable to come to purchase your tickets during that time or on Ticket Day, you may send a representative to leave a form with us or purchase your tickets during the weeks that follow Ticket Day.  Ticket order forms will be available at the studio on and the week before Ticket Day.  Tickets must be purchased for everyone attending the show— this includes family members in wheelchairs and very young children.  This is because we must comply in accordance with fire laws and account for every person in the audience.  Please remember that all tuition, including April tuition, May tuition, late fees and costume fees MUST BE PAID by Friday, April 27 in order to purchase tickets and for your child to participate in recital.  To avoid a long wait on ticket day, we will be posting May tuition with the April tuition simultaneously this month. Recital tickets will also be sold at the front desk and at the door of the auditorium if you need to purchase them before the show.

Important Dress Rehearsal Information: Dress rehearsal will be held on Saturday, May 12. The dress rehearsal schedule can be found in the link below:

Dress Rehearsal Schedule

What Should You Bring To Dress Rehearsal?: Your child must be brought to the auditorium completely dressed and ready for their first number. If your dancer is in more then one number, please have ALL of their other costumes ready to go in their dance bag with all of their dance shoes. Please label all items with your dancer’s name! We understand that dress rehearsals can be a long and tedious day, so please be cooperative and patient with our volunteer staff. Please be aware that no food or drink will be allowed in the auditorium at any time. Video cameras or any recording devices are prohibited.  Pictures may be taken with a camera—by parents only. A CSDA staff member/teacher will indicate when photography can be taken during rehearsal.     

Recital Day: Please bring your child to the backstage area 45 minutes prior to the start of your dancer’s show.  He/she should be dressed and ready for their first number and left with their assigned group. Students may bring video games or books to amuse themselves during show time—we will also have coloring and a few other activities backstage.  Please do not send snacks with your dancer, Centerstage will be providing snacks. If your child has a food allergy, please let us know. No dancers are allowed in the auditorium during show time.  After leaving your dancer with his/her dance bag and costumes, children will stay backstage for the remainder of the performance.  Children will not be dismissed from backstage until after the show.  Please do not ask for exceptions.  This is for your child’s safety.  We need to keep track of all our performers. The staff will be lining up performers to keep everyone in order. If your child is not in the backstage area – the staff will not go looking for them. The auditorium doors will open approximately 30 minutes before the show. Please note:  If you arrive late to the performance, an usher will help you to your seat at an appropriate time.  Walking down the aisle to your seat can be dangerous and interrupts the audience’s view.  Please be prompt to the show.  The doors open 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

We have put many hours into producing an enjoyable performance for all. Please do your share by abiding by all the rules and requests. I know that you will be delighted when you see our final production starring your dancer!

Recital hair, make-up and accessories: Please have your dancers hair and make-up performance ready at dress rehearsal and recital. Dancers that do not wear make-up will look washed out on stage.  All dancers need to have their hair pulled up, back and away from their face in a bun.  If your class has a hat, a lower bun would be preferred (at the nape of the neck). No fingernail or toe nail polish is allowed. Please remove all nail polish before the show. 

Helpful Recital Hair Accessories:

  • Bobby Pins - the same color as your dancers hair
  • Hairspray - the more the better! 
  • Brush/Comb
  • Hair Net - the same color as your dancers hair 
  • OptionalBun Maker - there are many brands, sizes and colors at stores like target, cvs, walgreens etc. This produces a perfect dancer bun! If you are unfamiliar with how these work, please come to dress rehearsal or recital early and one of our staff or assistants will gladly help you with your dancers hair. Also there are many hair tutorials online - here is one that we like :: Bun Maker Tutorial
  • Please avoid adding glitter/glitter gel to your dancers hair - it reflects brightly on stage and gets on costumes while changing. 

Suggested Make-Up:

  • For dancers ages 3 - 6 we recommend just applying lipstick and blush. For dancers ages 6 and over - here are a few guidelines to follow: 
  • Eye Shadow: We suggest using browns and neutrals for eye shadow. If you are unsure what to use - we like the Maybelline brand: Designer Chocolates. The colors are perfect for the stage and they tell you where to place it (lid, crease etc). Please avoid using blue eye shadow or shadows with a lot of glitter. 
  • Blush: A rosy red cheek always looks nice on stage! 
  • Mascara: Any brand will do - especially for dancers with blonde hair, mascara will help your eyes stand out. Also eye liner/pencil for light eyebrows if needed. 
  • Foundation: Typically our older dancers will wear foundation to even out skin tones. 
  • Lipstick: We like a bright red lip that stands out on stage. If you are unsure of a brand - our studio likes Revlon Colorburst: Agent Provocateur. The Revlon Colorburst lip stick is great because it is easy to apply. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you send lipstick with dancers ages 3-6, please put it in a clear plastic bag with their name on it and notify us. Our backstage staff will gladly reapply before they go onstage. We want to ensure, no lipstick gets on their costumes before the show.  

NO ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT ALLOWED at the Recital: No videos cameras, digital, or film cameras, blackberries, cell phones, iPods, iPads, Tablets etc. will be allowed in the auditorium during recital—this is for your child’s safety. Please leave all electronic equipment at home.  Every year we have numerous complaints from audience members that these rules have been disregarded. The auditorium management and myself must enforce U.S. Copyright and Safety Laws.  Please don’t bring electronic equipment into the auditorium; the technical director will confiscate them until the end of the show. A professional video will be taken of all shows and copies will be available for you to purchase.  Order forms for the recital video will be provided in the May newsletter.  As mentioned above, photos may be taken at dress rehearsal during your dancers routine (by parents only).  Kathy will set up a photo opportunity for parents.  We ask that you DO NOT post pictures of other dancers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. – this is for the safety protection of your children.

Refreshments, Trophies, and Flowers: The Dance Company Boosters will be selling food and other goodies at dress rehearsal to raise money for their upcoming performances.  Please remember that food and drinks are not allowed in the auditorium.  The Dance Company Boosters will also be selling flowers and trophies. 

Recital DVD Order Form - Upcoming

Recital Flower Order Form - Upcoming

Recital Trophy & Medal Order Form - Upcoming

Recital Luncheon Order Form - Upcoming

Centerstage Yearbook!: We are excited to announce that the Dance Company Boosters are putting together another yearbook for our 2017-2018 season. This yearbook is available for purchase for all dancers at the studio and will feature class pictures of each class in the 2017-2018 dance season. The class photos will be taken on Picture Day and will be featured in the yearbook along with a list of all the dancers that are in each class. Please note: if you would like to be featured in your class photo but not featured in the yearbook - please let us know and we can accommodate that. 

Volunteers: We are looking for parents to volunteer to work backstage during the recital. If you are interested please stop by the studio desk and leave your name and the recital day that you wish to volunteer for or sign-up here :: Volunteer Form. We will get in touch with you about a week before the show to confirm.