Preschool to Professional - We Have A Class For You

Toddler Time
 Ages Walking - 2.5

Centerstage offers 30-minute creative movement and music class for parents and children ages walking to 2.5. Children, along with a parent or caregiver, will enjoy various creative movement and music activities geared to help the very young develop motor, social and listening skills. This class is run in 6-week sessions throughout the year.  No special clothing or shoes are required for this class


Kidzdance Preschool
Age 2-4 years

 Our Kidzdance program was developed specifically for children ages 3 and 4 and will create a long-lasting love for dance! Students will have fun learning to dance using music, imaginative activities - including the use of props - such as hula hoops, scarves, bean bags and more. These classes teach our young dancers basic body awareness, creative movement, locomotive skills, group cooperation and problem-solving. The benefits of beginning dance at a young age is that it helps develop confidence, graciousness, promotes physical wellness and create happy and healthy young children!


AcroDance Preschool
 Age 3-5 years

Our AcroDance Preschool classes (formally called Kidzdance Tumble) is a fun way for our students to explore dance and acrobatics!  The focus of this program includes learning the beginner acro positions, locomotive skills (jumping, hoping, etc), and balancing skills which prepares dancers for mixing dance and tumbling! As with our other preschool classes, students enrolled in this program will also learn classroom behavior skills, movement concepts, and group cooperation. We provide a safe classroom environment with a variety of mats and acro equipment. All of our instructors are certified through Acrobatic Arts.

Additional Information About Our: 
Preschool Program


Ages 5 & Up

Tap classes focus on learning rhythm, tempo, musicality and combining basic to advanced tap steps. Fine motor skills are developed with tap as well as an appreciation for music. We also offer contemporary tap classes which focus on tap history and different tap styles created by great tap dancers such as Leon Collins, Buster Brown and many more.

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Ages 5 & Up

All ballet classes concentrate on core classical ballet concepts such as technique, strength, rhythm and musicality. We recommend that all students who take jazz, modern or contemporary, also take ballet class as it is core of all dance movement.

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Ages 6 & Up

Jazz dance is an American dance form which evolves and changes with the latest popular styles. Students work on placement and technique while also learning popular dances and current dance styles. This class consists of floor stretches, flexibility and balancing skills, leaps, turns and dance combinations. Jazz students are also encouraged to study ballet.

Ages 6 & Up

Preschool Level AcroDance (Ages 3-5)

Acro combines classical dance techniques with precision acrobatic elements. AcroDance classes include flexibility, balancing and conditioning exercises, mixed with gymnastic elements, to create strong and versatile dancers.  Our program is based on safe and effective progressions of AcroDance: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling.  Our program progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and summersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling  across the stage!  Our instructors are all certified through Acrobatic Arts. 

Hip Hop
Ages 7 & Up

Our  hip hop classes provide the latest hip hop styles of today. Hip Hop is authentic dance expression which combines high-energy street movements and dance styles that stem from African movement and jazz dance.

In this class the student will experience a fast paced-upbeat atmosphere while learning a variety of age appropriate movements that range from old school to new school hip hop. Hip Hop is comprised of both rigid and relaxed body movements creating an intense, but fun, cardio workout that is great for the body and mind!


Monday_Int:Adv Ballet:Pointe.jpg

Instructor Permission Only

Pointe classes are for dancers who have taken ballet at an intermediate/advanced level. Pointe may only be taken when the body and feet are strong and physcially developed. Dancers can be physically injured if their feet and legs aren't developed enough to handle a pointe shoe.

If you are interested in taking pointe classes, our Director, Kathy Coughlin, will speak with each parent and student individually to let them know when they are ready for pointe. This is for the health and safety of your dancer.



Prerequisite Ballet
Contemporary dance is a genre that pulls from modern and ballet but also omits the "structured form/technique" that is required in those dance forms. contemporary is more of a free-flowing form of dance with elements of modern, jazz, ballet and lyrical, creating a style that unique to itself!

This class is for dancers who have explored many forms of dance and would like to let loose and explore a different style of class. Students that would like to take contemporary must be enrolled in one ballet class during the dance season.



Prerequisite Ballet
A blend of jazz, ballet and modern, this style of dance interprets the lyrics of songs through the body. Students develop a sense of self and body awareness through the creativity and movement of dance and song.

The dramatic content and beautiful lines that are required in lyrical dance is the reason that student needs ballet class as prerequisite to lyrical. Students that would like to take lyrical must be enrolled in one ballet class during the dance season.


Prerequisite Ballet
Modern is a contemporary dance form based on movement that is parallel and grounded. This class encompasses many different movement styles, including techniques derived from Horton, Limon and Graham. This class ranges from very natural to very unusual.

Students that would like to take modern must be enrolled in one ballet class during the dance season.

Musical Theatre & Performance
(Ages 7 & Up)

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines dance, song, acting, musicality and various other performance techniques. The musical theatre dance styles can range anywhere from jazz to tap to modern and beyond.

In our Musical Theatre and performance classes our dancers will explore multiple styles of dance, from new and classic broadway shows, while also learning the history of important choreographers that such as Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, Agnes De Mille and more. We will take dancers through the exciting work of broadway musicals including old favorites like A Chorus Line and Annie to new favorites like Aladdin and Wicked. Dancers will also work on performance techniques to help them shine even brighter on stage!

Power Barre.jpg

Ballet Barre Workout

This class is open to adults and teens. The barre workout will challenge you in an new and innovative way. Built on the methods of professional dancers, this workout is safe while pushing your body to new levels. It focuses on tapering and creating long, lean muscles, lifted gluts, a strong core and improves strength and flexibility. 

This class will provide you with a Certified Dance/Ballet Instructor who will give detailed instructions of proper technique and placement. No dance experience needed. All levels welcome! 


Private Lessons

Private lessons at are a great way to get one-on-one training with the dance style and teacher of your choice. Private dance lesson benefits include:

One-on-one attention from the instructor of your choice;

Greater opportunity for answers to questions, concerns, issues;

Learn at your own pace as opposed to keeping up with a class, or waiting for the class to catch up;

Student based approach, which challenges students to pick up fast and correct mistakes effectively;

Allowing the instructor to fine-tune technique and skill (such as posture, frame and footwork);

  • Greater attention to nuance and styling to improve stage presence

At Centerstage, private classes are offered when studio's and teachers are available. Please email us about setting up a private sessions or speak with the teacher of your choice directly to find a time that works for you! We offer 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions in the dance style of your choice. 

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